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Third week and breathing better

May 18, 2020


It feel it’s going so well. I’m actually sticking to the plan I was given, I got to day 18 and I’m still giving it my best shot. I’m actually enjoying it as I can see progress, I had reached two milestones in my journey.

Straight after doing a yoga session I could now actually touch my toes and I don’t even remember the last time I could do that. Now I know that’s not a biggie for a lot of people but for me it was, to be honest I found that fairly amazing.

The second milestone was the difference in my breathing – it was like night and day and I had only been on the plan for 18 days. It was like someone had stuck a hoover down my throat and sucked out all the cobwebs so the air that I breathed could actually get to where it was supposed to be going. I’m now breathing deeply again; I can now take a good few deep breaths making my chest expand and release the air slowly in a controlled way. Before if I had done that, and remember before is only 3 weeks ago, I would have had to take a few short breaths after deep breathing to catch up as it felt like I was starting to hyperventilate. The difference in my breathing in such a short space of time has been remarkable to say the least – and this was my primary goal when I started the plan.

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